My name is Rodrigo Rafael Obando. I graduated from Hardaway High School and graduated from Columbus State University with a degree in Applied Computer Science. Multimedia has always been a passion of mine. My Senior year at Hardaway High school I took a Web Design class and a Multimedia class. I was really fascinated with it all. I graduated from High School and changed my major one too many times. Due to some mistakes I made my first and half in College. I went to Columbus Tech to get a degree in Web Design and I was reminded of what I really enjoyed. Due to complications I couldn’t finish my degree at Columbus Tech. I went back to Columbus State University to get a degree in Computer Science. My first web site design job happened my third semester at Columbus State. My dad recruited me to make his company website. I did what I could to make my knowledge of Web Design as expansive as I could. My last year of College I worked on Columbus State University’s web team. I got more of an artistic eye and learned more about Web Design. I finally graduated from Columbus State. I applied for jobs and they didn’t work as I intended. I got a job at GameStop to pass the time. One day I was sitting at home thinking of what I am going to do with my life. The reason R.R.O. Design Inc was started is because of my passion for Web Design and Multimedia and my slogan is "My Passion is your Satisfaction".